Commemorations for Bashons 28

1. The commemoration of the Relocation of the Body of St. Epiphanius.

On this day of the year 43 A.D., the body of St. Epiphanius (His biography is under the 17th. of Bashans), arrived to the island of Cyprus. The boat that carried his body arrived to Cyprus from Constantinople on the 28th. day of Bashans. The priests and the people came with crosses, gospels, candles and incense and carried his body to the church. When they started to dig his tomb, two deacons did not allow them. They were excommunicated by the saints for their bad reputation. The body remained in the church for four days without a change or a stench. His body looked as if he was asleep. A saintly deacon came near the body and said: "I know of your relationship with God, and that you can restrain these evil opponents." He then took an ax and hit the ground with it. The two opposing deacons fell on their faces immediately, and they were carried to their homes and died on the third day.

The body of the Saint was anointed and wrapped, they buried him in a marble sarcophagus in he church. Many miracles appeared from his body.

May his prayers be with us, and glory be to God forever. Amen.