Commemorations for Toba 28

1. The Martyrdom of St. Clement.

On this day St. Clement was martyred. He was the son of a faithful woman whose name was Euphrosyne (Euphrasia) from the City of Angora.

When he grew up, his mother taught him the church's subjects and reared him with the Christian ethics. When he was 12 years old, he walked in the way of righteousness, and he reached a high level in worship and asceticism. He did not eat except dry vegetables, as did the three young men at the time of Daniel. When he was ordained deacon, he increased in searching the books, and the spirit of God was upon him.

His fame spread out until it reached Emperor Diocletian. He brought the saint, befriended him and promised him that he would adopt him if he agreed to worship the idols. When he did not give in to his demands, Diocletian tortured him with various tortures. However, God strengthened him and exposed His enemies by His might. Many tortured him, to an extent that he stood before seven courts to be judged by them, and every time God strengthened and comforted him.

At last, they beheaded him and he received the crown of martyrdom. His body was taken by a faithful woman, whose name was Sophia, who buried him with great honor.

His prayers be with us all. Amen.




2. The Martyrdom of St. Anba Kaou.

On this day also, St. Kaou was martyred. He was from the City of Bamway (Bimay) in El-Fayyoum. At that time, Emperor Diocletian issued an edict commanding the worship of idols.

The saint resided in a home that he had built for himself outside of his city, where he worshipped God. The angel of the Lord appeared to him in a vision saying, "Why are you sitting here, while martyrdom is available? Arise now, and go to El-Lahoon where you will find the messenger of the Governor of Alexandria. Go and confess the Name of Christ before him and you will be granted the crown of martyrdom."

St. Kaou rose up from his sleep with great joy and he went to El-Lahoon and found the messenger at the seashore. When the messenger saw him, the messenger marvelled at St. Kaou's beautiful old age, and he honored him. The messenger took out from his pocket an idol made of gold and precious stones and said to the saint, "This is the gift of the Emperor to the Governor of Ansena."

St. Kaou took it in his hand and admired its wonderful workmanship. Then he cast it to the ground and smashed it. The messenger became very angry and ordered him to be bound. He took him to the Governor of Ansena and told the Governor what St. Kaou had done. The Governor tormented him, then he sent him to the Governor of Bahnasa, who also tortured him.

When he did not surrender and did not worship the idols, he was beheaded and received the crown of martyrdom. Some believers came and took his body to the place where he used to worship and buried him there. They built a church after his name in the same place later on and God manifested many miracles in it.

His prayers be with us and Glory be to our God forever. Amen.