Commemorations for Baba 7

1.The Departure of St. Paul of Tamouh

On this day, Abba Paul (Paula) who was from Tamouh (El-Tamouhi) (Thmoui), departed. Since he was inclined since his young age to solitary life, he went to Ansena Mountain. There he lived with his disciple Ezekiel, who was the witness of his virtues.

For his exceeding love to the Lord Christ, to Whom is the glory, he exhausted his body with asceticism, forsaking earthly things, with fasting and many prayers in a way that exceeds human endurance. For this, he deserved that the Lord Christ appear to him and bless him for his conduct in this life, for such is the behavior of those who are perfect and who fight against the flesh, the world and the devil till they overcome them. St. Paul said to the Lord, "All that is due to Your care, O You creator and redeemer of the human race, by Your death on our behalf, we the undeserving sinners." The Lord Christ comforted and strengthened him.

When our father St. Bishoy went to Mount Ansena, he was joined by the saint Abba Paula. The Lord Christ told Abba Paul (Paula), "Your body will be buried with that of My chosen Bishoy." When Abba Paula departed, his body was placed with the body of St. Bishoy.

When they wanted to move the body of St. Bishoy to the wilderness of St. Macarius in Scete, they carried it onto a boat and left St. Paul's body behind; however, the boat would not move, until they brought the body of St. Paul and placed it beside St. Bishoy's body. Then they brought them to the wilderness of Sheheat (Scete).

Their prayers be with us and Glory be to our God, forever. Amen.