Commemorations for Abib 21

1. The Commemoration of the Lady, the Virgin Mary.

On this day, is the commemoration of the Virgin Lady, St. Mary, the mother of the Savior of the world, the great shelter, and the inexhaustible treasure.

May her intercession be with us. Amen.




2. The Departure of St. Sisinnios (Sosenius), the Eunich.

On this day also, St. Sisinnios (Sosenius), the Eunich, departed. He was one of the men in the palace of Emperor Theodosius. He was full of grace and wisdom, and his compassion was great. When the third Ecumenical Council convened in Ephesus to judge Nestorius, this saint ministered to St. Cyril (Kyrillos) the Great, and the rest of the holy members of the council. He fell ill and St. Cyril prayed O God for his sake, and St. Sisinnios was healed from his sickness. He gave all his money to the poor and the needy, then departed in peace. St. Cyril prayed over him, and arranged an annual commemoration for him on this day.

May his prayers be with us and Glory be to God forever. Amen.