Coptic Feasts for 2013

The following is a list of Coptic Feasts, Fasts and other special occasions during the year of 2013.

Between 1902 and 2037

7 Major Feasts

January 7th
January 19th
Palm Sunday
April 28th
May 5th
June 23rd
June 13th
April 7th

7 Minor Feasts

Circumcision of our Lord
January 14th
Entrance into the Temple
February 15th
Entrance into Egypt
June 1st
Wedding of Cana
January 21st
August 19th
Holy Thursday
May 2nd
Thomas Sunday
May 12th

Other Special Dates

Great Lent
March 11th
Fast of Ninevah
February 25th
Good Friday
May 3rd
Christmas Fast
November 25th
Apostle's Feast
July 12th
St Mary's Fast
August 7th
St Mary's Feast
August 22nd

For more descriptions of the feasts and additional information regarding the feasts of the church, review Fr. Tadros Malaty's book Introduction to the Coptic Church which is available online.

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