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Priestly Vestments
The distinctive dress worn by the clergy when performing the liturgy. 1- Amice (Taylasan): It was originally a hood covering the head and neck. It symbolizes the helmet of salvation resembling the soldier's helmet as a sign of his spiritual vigilance during prayer. It looks like a crown which priests wear while celebrating the liturgy of the Eucharist. 2- Dalmatic, sticharion

or Alb (Tuniah): A long white linen garment reaching the feet and decorated with crosses on the front, back and borders. It refers to the angel's purity. 3- Girdle*.4- Epitrachelion*. 5- Stole a. Deacon's stole. b. Priest's stole (Patrashil). 6- Armlets sleeves*. 7- Phelonion or Supervestment (Bornos). 8- Crown (Priestly Cap). 9- Crozier or staff of pastoral authority (Bronze Cross). 10- Pectoral Cross 11- Bendictional Cross.

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