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1. Sacrament An outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace, instituted by Christ. The word sacrament is often used with reference to the Communion elements.
2. Sacraments *The Holy Spirit grants us the following spiritual blessings through the seven church Sacraments: 1- Through Baptism, we receive the gift of the new birth. 2- Through Chrism (Myron), we receive t… 0.6 KB
3. Sacred Ribbon (zinnar) A ribbon that the priest ties up on the shoulder of the baptized as a sign of his union with our Lord Jesus Christ. The priest also ties up a ribbon on the groom's shoulder as a sign of his un… 0.3 KB
4. Sacrifice, Holy Another name for the Eucharist emphasizing Christ's atonement.
5. Saints Feasts Nearly every day the church remembers the repose of a martyr or a saint. Besides it celebrates the heavenly creatures feasts. etc.
6. Saints' Relics God glorifies His saints as they did glorify Him throughout their lives long. Thus He does wonders through their bodies. We don't worship the saints but we venerate them, for they are the triu… 0.3 KB
7. Salvation ยท The gracious deliverance of God, especially redemption from sin and its consequences, this salvation that is fulfilled through the death of Jesus Christ. Salvation also means our participati… 0.3 KB
8. Sanctuary The section at the commencement of the church. In it there is an altar, niche and tribune. The sanctuary represents heaven of heavens where the divine throne is.
9. "seven And Four" Ritual Hymns that are recited at the vigils of the month of Kiahk. It comprises seven Theoteons and four Hooses* (interpretations).
10. See In the Early Church there was four apostolic sees: Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria and Rome. Afterwards Constantinople was added.
11. Sheik El Rohani Literally, it is the Arabic term for 'Spiritual Elder', however, this title has been given specifically to the saintly father Abba Youhanna Saba.
12. Sick Anointment (unction) See Unction.
13. Sinaxarium Or Synaxarion A book that includes short accounts on the lives of the saints or feasts and fastings arranged according to the Coptic calender. The Sinaxarium is usually read after reading the Acts. The… 0.4 KB
14. Sleeves, Armlets Sleeves or armlets are made of the same material as the epitrachelion and are worn over the sleeves of the sticharion and fastened with loops and buttons. Although they form part of the litur… 0.7 KB
15. Spasmos (holy Kiss) Christianity is based on love to God and people, and the kiss is a sign of love. In the Coptic liturgy, believers kiss one another after Reconciliation prayer. However since we have reconcil… 0.4 KB
16. Spoon A silver spoon on top of which is a cross, it is used to receive the Holy Blood with.
17. Sticharion, Dalmatic, Alb (tuniah) The sticharion is a long-sleeved linen vestment. It must be white, not colored, and must reach down to the ankles. It has an opening on one or both shoulders, with buttons and loops. It is worn b… 0.4 KB
18. Stylite Men who have lived for very long periods on the top of a pillar.
19. Subdeacon According to church orders he is counted to be below a deacon, whose duty in the Roman Catholic and the Eastern churches is to prepare the holy vessels for the Mass, and who in Anglican churches … 0.4 KB
20. Sunday The weekly commemoration of the Resurrection and appearance of the Lord to His disciples afterwards (John. 20:19,26). Constantly it is the first day of every week. Sunday has been kept by Chri… 0.5 KB
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