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1. East Originally altars were located at the east end of churches because it is there where the sun rises, symbolizing Christ as the Sun of righteousness who sends His illuminating rays to light our so… 0.2 KB
2. Eastertide The five and one-half weeks following Easter up to the Ascension Day, commemorating the forty days the Lord has spent on earth after His resurrection; commonly called The Great Forty Days.
3. El-nayrouz Feast Celebrating the new Coptic year. We offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving to God for He gave us a new year. On this occasion we remember our beloved martyrs. Moreover we thank God for the bl… 0.3 KB
4. Elements The water, wine and bread of the Eucharist.
5. Elugia (bit Of Holy Bread) The priest distributes it over the believers when the service of the Eucharist ends.
6. Enthronization The rite by which a newly consecrated metropolitan or bishop is put into possession of his throne.
7. Epiclesis This term is used for the prayer put to ask the Father for sending the Holy Spirit upon the elements to be transfered into the Body and Blood of Christ.
8. Episcopacy It means overseer. The system of Church Government by bishops. Where it prevails it is commonly held to be the continuation of the institution of the Apostolate by Christ.
9. Epitrachelion The epitrachelion is a liturgical vestment worn by priests and bishops over the sticharion*. It is a rectangular band of silk or cotton that measures about six feet by nine inches, and is embroidered … 1.0 KB
10. Epsal/epsalia Songs of praise for our Lord Jesus Christ.
11. Epsalmodia Book containing midnight psalms and praises.
12. Eskeem A leather belt of crosses which is worn by a monk who has reached a very high level of spirituality. This belt symbolises spiritual responsibility and struggle, as well as self control over bodil… 0.3 KB
13. Eucharist It is the sacrament of Thanksgiving or of Holy Communion. Our Lord Christ established it in Person (Matt. 26:26). The whole congregation participate with the celebrant and deacons together … 1.1 KB
14. Eucharistic Bread One of the two visible elements constituting the Eucharistic sacrament, the other element being the Eucharistic wine. The bread is leavened, unsalted bread made of the finest wheat flour. A… 0.7 KB
15. Eucharistic Bread Basket The Eucharistic bread basket is a large basket, with a cross-embroidered lining, to hold the loaves baked for the Eucharist. Only one of the loaves, the most perfect of three,five, seven or nine … 0.4 KB
16. Eucharistic Vestments The special vestments worn in celebrating the Eucharist. See Priestly Vestments.
17. Euchologion The book comprising the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Originally a comprehensive prayer book but now confined to the prayers used in the evening and morning offering of incense, and the three anap… 0.3 KB
18. Evangelists The authors of the four Gospels: St. Matthew, whose symbol is a winged face of man; St. Mark, a winged lion; St. Luke, a winged ox; and St. John, a winged eagle.
19. Eve Or Even The day preceding a festival, giving an opportunity for preparation for the festival.
20. Exaltation Of The Cross ยท We have two feasts in honor of the Cross of Christ, one commemorates its discovery by St. Helene, the mother of Constantine, and the other the exposition of the Cross atJerusalem in 629 by the… 0.3 KB
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