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1. Baldachin An Italian term for the canopy or dome erected above the altar. It may be made of stone, metal, or wood.
2. Banners Banners embroidered with crosses and pictures of the Lord or the saints, which are carried in church processions.
3. Baptism A ceremonial rite instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and regeneration by water and the Holy Spirit. In baptism one is admitted into the fellowship of the church, become… 0.6 KB
4. Baptismal Font It is oftenly found in a special room, at the north-west of the Church's nave. During baptismal rites the priest recites certain prayers to sanctify the water and the baptized person. The b… 0.8 KB
5. Baptistery The place where the baptismal font is located. Egyptian baptisteries are usually square shaped or rectangular. As it is an integral part of the church, it is completely subordinated to the sha… 0.3 KB
6. Basin And Ewer A basin and ewer are usually placed on a low wooden stand at the northern side of the altar. They are used to wash the priest's hands during the divine Liturgy.
7. Bathing Ceremony This prayer is held on the eighth day of the child's birth, by which we thank God for His gift.
8. Bedouin An Arab of the desert; a nomad, a wanderer.
9. Belfry (church-tower) It is the tower that holds a church's bell. On top of it is a cross, symbolizing the church. It signifies that the church is the world's light.
10. Believers Liturgy Following the first part of the liturgy, i.e that of the catechumens, church's gates were closed (in the early ages). Only believers were allowed to stay behind to participate together in hymning… 0.3 KB
11. Bell Church Bell rings with a joyous tone at the start of Eucharist (Mass), during Holy Communion, on feasts and on receiving a bishop. It rings with a sad tone in the Holy Week, and in funeral ser… 0.2 KB
12. Benediction The blessing given to the congregation in God's name pronounced by a clergyman at the end of a service.
13. Bethlehem So do we call the room where the holy bread (Oblation) is baked, out of these loaves the lamb is picked out (chosen). This name reminds us of the village where our Lord Jesus Christ was born (… 0.2 KB
14. Betrothal A mutual contract for a future marriage, blessed by the Holy Trinity.
15. Bishop (Episkopos) (Greek for overseer ). The duties peculiar to the office of a bishop are to preside over his diocese as the spiritual father, ordain priests and deacons, administer Chrism, consec… 0.5 KB
16. Bishop's Throne (synthrone) In the early ages the throne was put in the middle of the tribune inside the sanctuary. Nowadays the bishop's throne is put in the chancel.
17. Blessing Of The Water A special prayer on water at the Epiphany, Holy Thursday and the Apostles feast. A special mandatum tank is used.
18. "bowing" Ritual (3 Kneelings) Special prayers are recited while the whole church are kneeling on the day of the Pentecost, in memory of the descent of the Holy Spirit.
19. Bowing An expression of reverence to God in the doxology (gloria), before the sanctuary, besides in public and private worship. The bodily posture appropriate for prayer, signifying humility and reve… 0.5 KB
20. Bronze Serpent In the presence of the bishop a golden serpent is held behind the altar, referring to the Cross. See Pastoral staff.
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