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241. Monk A member of a religious community of men who has made monastic vows. Someone who loves God so much that he longed to spend all his life in worship.
242. Narthex The Greek word literally means a small case. A vestibule, usually a wide one across the front (west end) of a church, considered as a part of the church nave. In the early ages catechumens, … 0.3 KB
243. Nave In Latin word navis means ship. The body of the church building where the congregation assembles; called nave because the church is often symbolized in art as a ship, and the people pull… 0.3 KB
244. Nicene Creed The statement of the Christian faith set forth at the Council of Nicea, A.D. 325, and reaffirmed at the Council of Constantinople in 381 A.D. It is used as an alternative to the Apostles' Creed, … 0.3 KB
245. Niche It is a concavity in the eastern wall of the sanctuary referring to God's bosom that is widely opened to embrace us. In it we can find the icon of our Lord sitting on His throne. In front of t… 0.3 KB
246. Novice One who is spending a period of time under trial before being professed to a religious order.
247. Nun The female of monk. A member of a religious order or a group of women living under the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. With the dissemination of Christian ideals in the apostolic age,… 0.4 KB
248. Oblations A solemn offering to God. Oblations refer to the elements of bread and wine. The celebrant presents the oblations (offerings) on his behalf and on behalf of all people, moreover for the sake o… 0.4 KB
249. Offering Or Offertory That which is offered or presented to God, whether alms or Eucharistic elements of bread (wheat or flour) and wine.
250. Old Man Geron in Greek, Pater in Latin (hence kerontikon'or @aterikon'for collections of the Sayings of Old Men). It is the name given to monks who are recognized as being spiritually gifted.
251. Order The prescribed arrangement of church service.
252. Ordination The act of setting apart to the priesthood by the laying on of hands by a bishop, or by a group of bishops. See Imposition of Hands.
253. Orientation Towards The East Since the early days of Christianity, the east has been the direction designated to be faced during prayers, both by the officiating priest and by the congregation. This has to be taken into acco… 0.3 KB
254. Orthodox A faithful upright man, that do not deviate. A true believer an Orthodox loves his Holy Bible, is devoted to his church and behaves as a son of God. An Orthodox believer loves everyone in… 0.3 KB
255. Ostrich Eggs It is hanged before the iconostasis. It reminds us of the resurrection where small ostrich break out of the egg. Besides the point that the ostrich eyes are always fixed on its eggs during the… 0.3 KB
256. Palm Sunday The Sunday preceding Easter; the seventh Sunday in Lent; the first day of the Holy Week, commemorating the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem; traditionally symbolized by the use of palm de… 0.3 KB
257. Paradise The abode or state after death where departed souls of the righteous await final judgment; often used as synonymous with the garden of Eden and heaven.
258. Paramone A Greek term meaning watch, vigil, especially on the eve of a festival. Its Arabic equivalent, Paramun, is a term generally used for the vigils of the Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ and of the… 0.5 KB
259. Pasch (holy Week) Pasch means Passover. It reminds us of the Israelites' Passover of the Red Sea when they came out of Egypt, and slaughtered the Passover lamb. The Holy Week is called Pasch, for our Lord… 0.6 KB
260. Pastoral Staff Every bishop has his official staff that refers to his responsibility towards serving God's people. The bishop receives the staff from the top of the altar, that he may feel responsible in fro… 0.2 KB
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