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1. Abba Coptic word meaning 'father', or within a monastic community it is given to the spiritual father/elder. It is also a title given to the Pope and to bishops, and also to some of our fathers the s… 0.2 KB
2. Ablution A ceremonial cleansing of the sacred vessels (chalice, dome, spoon, and paten), after the holy communion takes place. A washing of the priest's hands before the liturgy of the faithful, and af… 0.3 KB
3. Absolution The pronouncement of remission of sin to the penitent. The Holy Spirit grants him, in the name of Jesus Christ, the remission of his sins if he truly contrites for his sins, confesses it in the p… 0.4 KB
4. Abstinence We must distinguish between private abstinence and communal church fastings. See Fasting.
5. Accidie Despondency, depression, listlessness, a distaste for life without any specific reason.
6. Acts, Lessons Of (apraxis) Meaning The book of Acts, written by St. Luke. This book tells us about the church at the apostolic era. Usually a chapter of it is to be read during the Eucharist (Mass) and other liturg… 0.3 KB
7. Adam One of the two types of melodies led in chanting the Hymn (Tasbeha). It receives its name from the first word of the first verse of the Theotokon for Monday, Adam again being sad... See… 0.3 KB
8. Advent (christmas Fasting) The church season immediately preceding Christmas, lasts 43 days. It is a period of fasting as a spiritual preparation for the feast. Throughout the last 30 days (month of Kiahk) certain hymns… 0.4 KB
9. Agabi Meaning love. In the early church the believers used to set a table to feast together after participating in the Eucharistic Liturgy (Mass).
10. Aisle An aisle is a passage on either sides of a nave in a basilican church. It is narrower than the nave and is usually separated from it by a row of columns or arches. The purpose of aisles is to enl… 0.4 KB
11. Alms Box A box in the nave or narthex where believers can put in their alms. Before giving alms we must offer our own lives as sacrifices to the Lord.
12. Alpha And Omega The first and last letters of Greek alphabet, used in the church in a way to symbolize the eternity of Jesus Christ. He is the Alpha and the Omega, that is the Beginning and the End (Rev. 21:6).
13. Altar Board A rectangular piece of wood with a cross at its midst, on which is written the words Alpha and Omega. The Altar Board is anointed with Myron (Chrism). When necessary, the Eucharist may ta… 0.3 KB
14. Altar Clothing (coverings) Refer to the Lord Jesus Christ's grave clothes. These coverings include: 1- A red cover - most probably - that covers the whole altar, having a cross on each of its corners. 2- … 0.3 KB
15. Altar Fans (flabellum) The deacons use fans during the Eucharist referring to the Cherubim. Besides there is two circular metallic fans, at the midst of which is drawn the figure of a cherub. It is used in festival … 0.2 KB
16. Altar Lights Lights to illumine the church, its sanctuary, and the altar, which must be lit during the liturgy and other prayers, even if services are held in daylight. Inside the sanctuary two candle lamp… 0.7 KB
17. Altar, Consecration Of The The elaborate service, rich in prayers and petitions, is a reflection of the reverence felt towards the holy table, the place where, at every celebration of the divine Liturgy, the actual transfo… 0.3 KB
18. Altar-candlesticks See Altar Lights, Candelabrum.
19. Altar-curtains The altar-curtains are richly embroidered with texts and figures in needlework, or in golden and silvery tissues. The altar-curtain hangs before the door of the sanctuary.
20. Altar. A cubical table placed in the midst of the sanctuary on which the Holy Sacrifice is offered (the Lord's Body and Blood). Around the altar there is four pillars that end up with a dome called … 0.3 KB
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